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MT Manager APK v2.11.3 MOD (VIP Unlocked)

MT Manager APK v2.11.3 MOD (VIP Unlocked)
  • Updated
  • Version 2.11.3
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Lin Jin Bin
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Sometimes even the original APK files of an app or game will need some changes to suit your needs. If you want to make these changes, in addition to your existing coding skills, you also need a dedicated support tool like MT Manager MOD APK.

MT Manager

The management application that supports editing APK files quickly and conveniently

MT Manager is a highly versatile mobile application. It can manage the files of your device and intervene in the APK files of all programs. To understand more deeply about each function and many other interesting side effects of MT Manager, please read this short review.

Manage the entire device structure

When installed, MT Manager will first become an efficient and fast management tool that affects files and the entire structure of the device. You can freely copy, process all the folders without limit, like the intuitive operation on a PC.

As a file manager replaced for the default one on your device, MT Manager will give you many opportunities to interact with a variety of content that was limited before. They can be multimedia files, applications, and special file types.

MT Manager also includes new functions that make handling all file formats as simple and convenient as possible, such as sorting and creating shortcuts to name files that have a particularly high frequency of use.

In terms of management of files as well as the entire device, it can be said that MT Manager is one of the rare applications. It is detailed with simple operation and can also optimize many advanced features to interact with all file formats. This is the ability that not many mobile file management apps can do.

Re-systemize the memory device

Memory being occupied for unnecessary things in many different places will make your device heavy and slow over time. At some point, you will need to clean it, rearrange everything to be neat, tidy, helping the device run faster. MT Manager can also help to do it. Through the powerful Scanning and memory organization feature, the application will help you check each file on your device and determine the size of every detail in memory. Then it lists all statistics of this scan so you can filter, delete, or store it somewhere else. The files hidden deep inside the device that you once forgot or never knew existed are now revealed in their original form. Promise you won’t miss anything.

The above cleaning process is also further supported by the Link-to-external-storage feature. MT Manager can intervene in any file format and help you move them to different types of external storage. Like linking to cloud storage to store, backup, or transfer files to another location or share with others. The process of transferring content and documents from the device to the external storage is also quite fast and smooth, minimizing fragmentation errors along the way and ensuring that files arrive safely.

Intervene programs and edit APK files quickly

This is the shining feature of this application. Thanks to the built-in editor, MT Manager supports programmers to handle special file files and deeply intervene in all APK files to edit them at will. The editor it provides is considered sophisticated, meticulous, and modern. It also includes its keyboard so that the coder can operate as comfortably as possible.

This built-in program editor will help you open APK files, work directly on them to change the structure of these files without going through any other applications. Whether you are a curious user who wants to edit the original installation files or are an advanced programmer, MT Manager can satisfy all requirements with many necessary facilities and tools. Thanks to that, the flexibility in supporting APK mods of this application is very high.

Support “post-processing” after modding APK files

Not only does it support before/during the APK modding process, BUT MT Manager also helps you complete the “post-processing” stage. After you edit and redesign the content and structure of the APK file, the application will “Run” to check everything again. It also automatically backs up all the structures you’ve worked on before, ensuring that during any editing phase the update is always up-to-date, and you can easily find previous versions when needed and even restore the original state of the APK file. In the process, you can take advantage of the shortcut system installed on MT Manager to switch between APK files for easier viewing and manipulation.

For programmers, MT Manager is like a versatile right-hand man. Almost all the basic to advanced requirements related to editing APK files are included in this application. Convenient file management makes everything easier. Scanning memory and data makes your device run faster and smoother, ensuring you always get the most out of your device. And finally, the feature-rich Editor will help you open and intervene as deeply as possible on any APK file. Not to mention, it also supports editing and automatically backing up on the device or transferring to external storage for backup.

VIP Unlocked
MT Manager APK v2.11.3 MOD (VIP Unlocked)
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